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Reference number: 11587

4 x DORNIER air jet weaving looms type AWS-4/S-D-350 year 2014, working width 3.500mm, 4 weft colours (servo controlled), Electronic STAUBLI type S3060 e3 year of construction 2017 !, 16 levers installed. Equipment : direct drive motor, left and right warp let off motor for twin beams, take up motor, bobbin creel, feeder support, 4 Feeders ROJ SUPER ELF X3 with balloon breaker and PFL, Touchscreen A1, 14 heald frames in type GROZ BECKERT ALTOP140 13” C, warp detection GROB with 6 detection bars, Dynamic Warp Guide tension system, electrical waste cutters RHS + LHS, 2 pressure rolls, waste system, RHS & LHS twin warp tubes “heavy” type Ø 270mm with central and side flanges type SCHOLZE “Q3” Ø 1000mm, air reed, healds and droppers as on the looms mounted, 2 steps, cloth roll driving system, cloth roller.

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