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11609 1 x BRÜCKNER high-performance stenter type : POWER-FRAME SPLIT FLOW Year 2018, roller width 4400 mm, working width 1300 – 4200 mm , speed 80 m/min Consisting of: 1.padder Power-Pad, 2 rollers dewatering padder with special roller for even squeezing pressures,roller width 4400 mm, diamaters 430 mm Vacuum device after dewatering padder 2. padder Power-Pad, 2 roller finishing and impregnating padder with a special roller even squeezing pressures. Vertical roller width 4400 mm, Straitening device Automatic high-tech straightening machine SL2.1X with double straightening unit Vertical fabric transport chain Star-Dur SK999 with 1 extension of the run-in area from 3 m to 6 m Edge glue device and edge dryer Dryer Split Flow 8 chambers each 3 meter , gas heated with gas safety and control line for all burners Fire extinguishing device by steam injection 1 extension of the run-out area from 3 me to 6.5 meter , cooling zone 1 pair of edge cutters E&L 1 sample removal system Mahlo Samplecut for a maximum production speed 60 m/min 2 Mahlo Gravimat FMI-15 for measuring device Fabric delivery big batcher 1 Eco-Heat WRG PE30L/L heat recovery cross flow heat exchanger 1 Eco-Air 30 DW The exhaust air scrubber 1 Eco-Air 28-1 LFE electrostatic filter 1 Brückner Multi-Control remote maitance control device 1 Opti-Humidty( exhaustair humidity) with measuring 1 Opti-Heat temp.measurement directly in the thermal zone area above 6 temp.sensors Machine is in excellent condition and only few running hours

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2 x sets OCTIR cards type TITANO-MULTIRAVE, width 3.500 mm, levelling 3.500 mm, composition A2/CS2TB with 2 cards c/d: automatic loader model CB, feed...